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World's first bypass surgery in Mesocardia done by

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar MS, MCh, FIACS
Cardiac Surgery Fellowship (Australia)

Chief Cardiac Surgeon
Chairman & Managing Director

Beating Heart Clinic

FOR Patients
Why Choose Us


We sincerely feel that more and more number of patients should derive the benefits from his surgery since the number of “true beating heart surgeons” are very few and far between not only in Hyderabad but in our country. (Read More)

Sanjivani and Anant Tope

"I do not find adequate words to describe the qualities of his head and heart. I pray to God thus, according to the ancient scriptures". (Read More)

K Shyamsunder

"The Doctor promised me a speedy recovery and after the surgery, I found out he was true to his words."(Read More)

Habeeb Ur Rahman Parvez



Phone:(+91) 8790991004

Mobile:(+91) 9849000802



Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday  9AM – 5PM

Emergency (24 hours)


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