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A Hospital in Hyderabad, Under the Guidance of Dr Prateek Bhatnagar, Has Became the first in the World to Conduct a Bypass Surgery on a Twisted Heart (Read More)

Multivessel Total Arterial Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Mesocardia

Mesocardia is an extremely rare congenital cardiac anomaly of counterclockwise rotation of the heart. We report here a case of coronary artery bypass grafting in mesocardia, (Read More)

Rare coronary bypass surgery performed (Mesocardia)

Coronary bypass surgery in 'Mesocardia', an operation not described in world medical literature, was done for the first time in the world by Dr Prateek Bhatnagar. (Read More)

Complex bypass heart surgery conducted on a 70-year-old man

A complicated redo, or repeat, bypass heart surgery was carried out on a 70-year-old patient by a team led by heart surgeon Prateek Bhatnagar at Olive Hospitals. (Read More)

Woman recovering well from high-risk surgery

A new lease of life was provided to a 62-year-old woman after a high-risk bypass surgery was performed on her to remove three coronary arterial blocks. (Read More)

Rare bypass performed on HIV patient

A successful redo (second time) bypass surgery was performed on an HIV positive individual here last week, perhaps for the first time in the country, by a team of doctors led by senior cardiac surgeon Prateek Bhatnagar. (Read More)

Patient listens to music during surgery

HYDERABAD: Even as the majority of cardiac surgeons around the world do the conventional open heart surgery though wrought with risks for the patient. (Read More)

A 58-year-old man undergoes rare third bypass surgery at CARE Hospital

HYDERABAD: A 58-year-old person underwent a rare third bypass surgery at CARE Hospital here recently. Doctors, led by Prateek Bhatnagar, performed the surgery by using beating heart method and arterial grafts, instead of veins. (Read More)

Getting `closest' to a beating heart

HYDERABAD Jan. 9. When the bloodied throbbing blob of flesh got exposed with a fine incision there were loud gasps in the hall. "This is the heart, my young friends,'' exclaimed cardiac-surgeon Prateek Bhatnagar. (Read More)

Operation: Heartbeat

Watching a live open-heart surgery was an inspiring experience for these students... (Read More)

Bypass surgery successful to heart in the middle of the chest (Mesocardia)
Dr Bhatnagar and Doctors at Sunshine hospital claimed to have performed a Unique operation, for the first time in the world. (Read More)
Saeed Moosa, the cardiac patient from the Maldives who successfully...

Saeed Moosa, the cardiac patient from the Maldives who successfully underwent a second bypass surgery which was done on a beating heart by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar at Yashoda Hospital ... (Read More)

In a First, doctors remove the tumour from heart

The surgery for removal of a tumour in the heart, along with multiple bypass surgery, was performed on fifty four-year-old Md Saleem from Yemen, who has undergone dialysis 3-4 times a week for the last five years. (Read More)

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