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Beating Heart Surgery

Beating heart surgery is a method of doing coronary bypass surgery without open heart surgery. Heart is neither cut nor stopped in this procedure. A myocardial stabilizer is used to facilitate the operation. The heart-lung machine is not used hence risk in surgery is low with lesser blood requirement and less risk of infection. This surgery is good for all patients particularly those with diabetes and compromised kidney functions. Dr Bhatnagar is operating almost 100% patients of bypass surgery, by beating heart technique.


Do You Know


  1. Open heart surgery is no longer needed to perform a bypass surgery?

  2. Beating heart surgery is the technique used by Dr Bhatnagar in almost 100% patients needing bypass surgery.

  3. Dr Bhatnagar has not stopped a single heart in the last 15 years when doing a bypass surgery.

  4. Dr Bhatnagar has one of the largest international experience in doing bypass surgery by the latest technique of beating heart surgery & total arterial revascularization.

  5. Dr Bhatnagar has one of the best results, internationally.


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