Why Patients Choose Us.

Why Choose Us – because we have the following

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  1. We have one of the best surgical results in the world. We provide surgical safety.

  2. We use beating heart surgery in almost every patient (almost 100%), to reduce surgical risks in bypass surgery. In the last 15 years 100% bypass surgery operations have been done on the beating heart.

  3. We use BIMA & other arterial grafts in almost all patients for the best long-term benefits after bypass surgery.

  4. We provide top international quality services at most reasonable cost.

  5. Our patients have a faster postoperative recovery and a shorter hospital stay.

  6. We have expertise in dealing with complex cases, rejected cases, redo and re-redo surgeries.

  7. We ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction during the hospital stay.

  8. We provide assistance in arranging accommodation, travel reservations and ensure you are comfortable.

  9. We take pride in being the leaders in top quality bypass surgery and providing its benefits to you.

  10. Happy smiles of our satisfied patients are the biggest rewards and inspiration to us.

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