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Academic Awards

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  • Topped in MBBS in 1982 and declared the overall best student at GSVM Medical College, Kanpur
  • Awarded the following Gold Medals, Distinctions and Certificates of Honour at Medical College Kanpur

Gold Medals - 10
  1. Sri Budhu Lal Mehrotra Gold Medal       -   Best student of the College.

  2. Smt. Jai Mati Bai Gold Medal                    -   Highest marks in Medicine.

  3. Smt.Suniti Devi Gold Medal                      -   Highest marks in Surgery.

  4. Dr S P Srivastava Gold Medal                   -   Best student in Surgery.

  5. Smt.Ratan Devi Gold Medal                      -   Highest marks in highest marks in Obstetrics                                                                                                                               & Gynaecology

  6. Smt Gyan Lata Gold Medal                       -  Highest marks in Physiology, Pathology and Medicine.

  7. Physiology Society Medal                         -   For winning the Seminar Competition.

  8. Bhalla Gold Medal                                     -   Highest marks in aggregate in MBBS.

  9. Gold Medal                                                 -   For scoring the highest marks in Ophthalmology & E.N.T.

  10. Vice Chancellor Gold Medal                     -   For topping in aggregate in all the professional examinations in MBBS.

  1. Physiology. 

  2. Ophthalmology & E.N.T.

Certificates of Honour
  1. Physiology. 

  2. Biochemistry 

  3. Forensic Medicine 

  4. Pharmacology 

  5. Social and Preventive Medicine 

  6. Pathology 

  7. Medicine 

  8. Surgery 

  9. Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

  10. Ophthalmology & E.N.T

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