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Sanjivani and Anant Tope - Hyderabad

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I vividly remember my first interaction with Dr.Prateek on 6th June 2005 with regard to my wife’s CABG. After her angiogram, our cardiologist offered the names of three cardiac surgeons and suggested us to choose one after interactions. Bypass Surgery was the only solution for her.


The first surgeon was a clean wash out since he was comfortable only with on-pump surgery and venous grafts. The name of beating heart surgery simply irritated him. By choice, he was abandoned in just ten minutes of interactions.

Dr.Prateek was the second surgeon with whom I had discussions for well over two hours on different aspects of the Angio findings and the surgery. He answered all the questions with a lot of interest, empathy and to my satisfaction. The most surprising gesture was that at no point he was irritated. My search came to a logical end for the “ideal CT surgeon” with Dr.Bhatnagar, without even visiting the third doctor recommended by the cardiologist.


Over a period, another 3 complicated cases amongst our relatives and friends were successfully operated by Dr.Bhatnagar. We take pride that these patients were recommended by us (includes my wife) and all of them have shown outstanding prognosis.

Being a paramedic myself, I had a strong desire to watch Dr. Bhatnagar operating and accordingly a request was submitted to him. To my utter surprise, he welcomed me in the theatre by confirming whether I will be in a position to observe the surgery without any problem to him. It was a feast for my eyes to see him in action with the operating microscope. It was a rare privilege for me and I thank Dr.Bhatnagar for the same.


Speed, precision, wisdom and judgment are the major parameters which decide the quality of surgery. I must say that Dr.Bhatnagar has an outstanding record not only on these intra operatives but even on the postoperative parameters too. He has a complete control on the staff and the gadgets used by him in the theatre. The overflow of self-confidence can be seen conspicuously which is an ideal pre-requisite for a doctor/surgeon.


Well, the destiny had driven me in his safe hands in Jan 2009. Being a diabetic myself for over 17 years, I had developed triple vessel disease with the requirement of at least 5 grafts. On my request, he operated me giving me 5 ARTERIAL GRAFTS with the technique of bilateral internal mammary artery, thereby sparing scars on my hands and legs.


Me and my wife both have been operated by him. Apart from being an excellent surgeon, we realize that he is indeed a good councilor too. Every time we leave his chamber, we get charged with optimism and are prepared to accept the respective challenges of our life. Never ever, we have left his chamber with discontent.


We sincerely feel that more and more number of patients should derive the benefits from his surgery since the number of “true beating heart surgeons” are very few and far between not only in Hyderabad but in our country.

K Shyamsunder - Hyderabad

I am a retired Engineer from SC railways aged 76 years and would like to share my personal experience with the patients afflicted with cardiac disorders.


I am a patient of blood sugar and hypertension for more than four decades and was suffering from LMCA disease, triple vessel coronary artery disease, acute anterior wall MI, moderate LV dysfunction, NIDDM and HTN. I underwent coronary bypass surgery in Jan’2007 by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, the chief cardiac surgeon. My condition at the time of admission to the hospital was highly critical but under the care of Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, both my preoperative and postoperative conditions went without any complications. Today I enjoy a second lease of healthy life under his care.


A few words about the doctor. He is simple, soft spoken and an embodiment of humility. His approach to the patients is very humane and with his benign words the patients feel greatly relieved. He follows the medical ethics and motto of “Service unto mankind” in thought, word and deed. The interests of the patients are safe in his dexterous hands.


I do not find adequate words to describe the qualities of his head and heart. I pray to God thus, according to the ancient scriptures –


“Oh, God ! Bestow on us the best treasures,
The efficient mind and good fortune,
The increase of wealth, the health of bodies,
The sweetness of speech and fairness of days. “


The above lines apply in full measure to the learned doctor. He is nonpareil and an asset to our nation and mankind. May his tribe increase.

I wish him health, peace, happiness, long and prosperous life and success in all his endeavours.

Habeeb Ur Rahman Parvez - Saudi Arabia

I am a man in early fifties working in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh as an expatriate. During my yearly visits back to India, my family doctor detected some inconsistencies in the graphs obtained in Cardiac Stress Test. Upon further investigation by Coronary angiography, it was found that I had four blockages averaging at least 90%. The doctors and surgeons informed me that performing surgery was the only solution.


Initially devastated, I began my pursuit of acquiring opinions from other leading cardiologists in the city. It is then I stumbled upon Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, also ushering to the renowned reputation he had attained over these years.


He was a man with the highest code of ethics and manners. He explained to me in a most patient manner about the little details, the main purpose and the whole procedure involving my surgery. However, what really appealed to me is of his opting method of using ‘Beating Heart Surgery’ and "Total Arterial Revascularisation", a revolutionary method that has virtually established itself as a benchmark of feasibility and safety in cardiac surgeries and therefore eliminating the need to make an incision on the leg.


The Doctor promised me a speedy recovery and after the surgery, I found out he was true to his words. In a few days I was able to communicate and walk around, in one week after my surgery I was discharged and back to my home. I highly recommend Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, for his maestro operation in surgeries and a man of great virtue and true promise.

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