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Redo / Re Redo CABG

Some patients need a redo CABG (second-time bypass surgery). This may be due to many reasons including the progression of the native coronary disease. Redo CABG needs more care & surgical skills than the first operation. Dr Bhatnagar has a leading expertise in doing Redo CABG. Many patients needing second-time bypass surgery from different parts of India have been successfully operated by Dr Bhatnagar. Most of these patients are also operated using beating heart surgery and arterial grafting. Results of redo CABG have been excellent in Dr Bhatnagar’s hands with the risk same as in first-time surgery (less than 1% for a standard redo CABG).  Dr Bhatnagar is one of those few & pioneering heart surgeons in the world who have also done third-time bypass surgery (re-redo CABG). These are special situations where a patient had undergone bypass surgery two times in some hospitals in the past but due to the progression of disease needs a bypass surgery once again. Dr Bhatnagar did India’s first re-redo CABG (third-time bypass surgery) using the best technique of beating heart surgery with total arterial revascularization in 2005. 


Do you know


  1. Redo CABG can also be done with excellent results nowadays.

  2. The risk in a standard redo CABG is almost the same as first-time surgery in the hands of the surgical experts.

  3. Re redo CABG is also being done nowadays.

  4. Redo CABG and Re Redo CABG can also be done the majority of times using beating heart surgery. This significantly reduces the risk.

  5. Dr Prateek Bhatnagar is one of the leading experts internationally in doing redo CABG and re redo CABG with one of the best surgical results.

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