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90 years man gets a successful Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

In a very rare surgery, renowned heart surgeon Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar has successfully done a quadruple bypass surgery on a 90 years old man, hailing from Raipur.

The bypass surgery was done on the beating heart using total arterial revascularisation. No cuts were made on the legs. The bypass operation was done without open heart surgery, without any cuts on heart and without stopping the heart.

Patient Mr. Paras Ram was having unstable angina (chest pain at rest) at his native place. Coronary angiography showed tight left main coronary artery disease with severe triple vessel disease. All his coronary arteries were heavily calcified. He was in atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) too. Being an active individual even at 90 years, he & his family decided to go for a coronary bypass surgery for a better quality of life.

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar and his team did a beating heart total arterial revascularisation last week, giving him 4 bypass grafts using the "Y" graft.

Dr. Bhatnagar said that in today's date, age is just a number and even nonagenarians can be safely offered a bypass surgery. He said that the main risks in operating someone in his 90s are brain stroke and kidney failure. Hence, Dr. Bhatnagar and his team did the entire surgery "anaortic", without touching the aorta (the great blood vessel of the heart), which is atheromatous at this age - thereby preventing the occurance of brain "stroke". This anaortic bypass surgery was achieved by doing a total arterial revascularisation with the Y graft on a beating heart. By maintaining good systemic blood pressure during the entire surgery, damage to kidneys was also prevented.

The patient's atrial fibrillation also converted to good normal sinus rhythm after bypass surgery.

The patient started enjoying his tea in less than 20 hours of surgery and was walking 2 days after his bypass surgery. He was discharged with a normal pumping of heart.

Patient's son said that he came to Dr. Bhatnagar as he is internationally renowned in BIMA bypass surgery. He is going home with very happy memories of Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar and his team.

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