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Successful Bypass Surgery In Hyderabad After Stents Blocked in Delhi.

A quadruple coronary bypass surgery using only arterial grafts and without any cuts on legs was performed successfully last week by renowned heart surgeon Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar Director Cardiac Surgery, on a 50 years man after stents placed in his left main coronary artery at Delhi just 3 months back, had blocked.

Mr. Hemant, a resident of Delhi NCR, had developed chest pain (angina). He underwent coronary angiography at Delhi, which showed severe blocks in left main and other coronary arteries of his heart. He subsequently underwent stenting procedure in left main coronary artery. However, within 3 months of stenting, he developed increasing chest pain. He was informed of high risk in further treatment.

Mr. Hemant then searched for the best treatment options for himself and after a thorough search, decided to get treated by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, Director Cardiac Surgery. Coronary angiography showed that his stents had developed blocks within 3 months and the critical situation had brought his life to a risk.

Dr. Bhatnagar and his team did a quadruple total arterial bypass surgery on Mr. Hemant without any cuts on legs and without open heart surgery. The surgery was successful and Mr. Hemant was walking just 36 hours after his bypass surgery and is climbing stairs too. He is being discharged today and is fit to fly back to Delhi.

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar said that total arterial coronary bypass surgery using BIMA (Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery) gives the best long term benefits to patients suffering with blocks in their coronary arteries. This surgery is done without any cuts on legs and is therefore less invasive and less traumatic too. Also, almost all such surgeries are done by his team on the beating heart without open heart surgery. The risk in a standard coronary bypass surgery by this BIMA technique is less than 1%. Patients should not be afraid of a bypass surgery and should get it done on time for excellent results.

Mr. Hemant said he is very happy to have taken the right decision of flying out to Hyderabad under Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar. He is expecting to lead a normal life now.

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